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1 Mukhi Rudraksha

Do you know Rudraksha is considered to be the symbol of Lord Shiva? There are benefits of wearing them. All the troubles are removed from the life of the one who wears Rudraksha. There are many types of Rudraksha and Each Rudraksha bead carries its own unique set of benefits but One Mukhi Rudraksha is a priceless gift given to man by nature. One Mukhi Rudraksha is considered to be the rarest of all the other Rudrakshas. He is also the king of all other Rudrakshas and is blessed by Mahadev himself. Usually one Mukhi Rudraksha comes in the shape of half a cashew nut. Being a face, this Rudraksha is also considered a symbol of one eye. One Mukhi Rudraksha is said to be divine and supernatural in the scriptures. It is said that a person wearing one Mukhi Rudraksha gets unlimited powers and good fortune. Also, this Rudraksha also gives relief from many diseases.

The Ek Mukhi Rudraksha (One Faced Rudraksha) is the king of all Rudraksha beads. Ek mukhi Rudraksha is said to be a form of Lord Shiva himself. Ek mukhi Rudraksha has the ability to bless the wearer with greater wisdom and an amazing consciousness. Ek mukhi Rudraksha also offers relief from migraines and other ailments related to the nervous system. It is a very rare Rudraksha. Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is very powerful and impacts fast on a person. The powers of these Rudraksha beads are said to fulfill all the desires of the lucky individual wearing it. Ek mukhi Rudraksha can provide extreme power, wealth and is highly useful for meditation. Ek mukhi Rudraksha is not only blessed by lord Shiva, but also by goddess Mahalakshmi. The mantra of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is ॐ नमः शिवाय ॐ ह्रीम नमः

Ek mukhi Rudraksha gives clarity of mind and connects you with the god. This Rudraksha takes care of Sahsara chakra which symbolises the link between heaven and earth. Ek mukhi Rudraksha helps the wearers to attain spiritual and material benefits. This Rudraksha destroys the sins and past karma of the wearer. It helps to cure depression, anxiety and OCD. It helps in neurotic disorders It helps to cure night blindness. It helps to cure respiration diseases. Ek mukhi Rudraksha removes complications from life. Wearing Ek mukhi Rudraksha controls anger. It helps to attain peace of mind. It helps to increase concentration. Ek mukhi rudrasha is beneficial for zodiac leo. Ek mukhi Rudraksha portrays the energy of Lord Shiva, gives freedom from the cycle of death and birth.

After wearing Ek mukhi Rudraksha one begins to feel a detachment from worldly affairs and his inclination towards the supreme power. Those who need a high level of concentration like Doctors, Engineers, Businessmen and Leaders, it is also suitable for those who want to meditate. Ek mukhi Rudraksha is also helpful for those people who want to shelter themselves from the emotional disturbance caused by the daily ups and downs of life should definitely wear this Rudraksha. A person wearing Ek mukhi Rudraksha becomes daring and no amount of negative powers or hate can affect him. If you don’t get pure and non- tampered Ek mukhi Rudraksha it becomes waste. Ek mukhi Rudraksha if shared/exchanged/ transferred /from one person to another person brings negativity. Wearing Ek mukhi rudraksha for a few days and removing it for a few days and wearing it again does not give maximum benefit. Don’t wear ek mukhi rudraksha to funerals or baby birth ceremonies. If you ain’t keep ek mukhi Rudraksha to your body then you won’t be able to experience the full benefits of the bead. For this reason, the cost of this Rudraksha is high.

There are four types of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha; they're available in four different shades of colour, which are as follows:

  1. White ek Mukhi Rudraksha: People who wear white ek mukhi rudraksha attain physical wellness and it eliminates all the problems and troubles from the wearer's life.
  2. Black ek Mukhi Rudraksha: People who wear black ek Mukhi Rudraksha get health benefits, develop a positive attitude, wealth and eliminate all the hurdles from one’s life.
  3. Red ek Mukhi Rudraksha: It is believed that whoever wears or worships red ek mukhi Rudraksha gets rid of all the sins as serious as the killing of Brahman.
  4. Yellow Ek Mukhi Rudraksha: It is believed that whoever worships this yellow Ek Mukhi rudraksha gains luxurious life and salvation.

Wearing Ek mukhi Rudraksha on Monday morning has been considered to be the auspicious time to wear rudraksha after bathing and wearing clean clothes. You need to sit in the east direction while wearing and chant ‘AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA’ 108 times and then go ahead to wear. It is advised to draw the beads in silk/wool thread and capped in silver or gold or alternate wearing in yellow thread. Before wearing it, mash it with unboiled cow milk and honey. After that, wash it with Gangajal.

Ek mukhi Rudraksha has a significant impact on its characteristics. Ek mukhi Rudraksha has an impact on all the planets and it has numerous positive effects on its wearer, which can bring both therapeutic and medical benefits.

Rudrashiva astrology deals with 100% authentic natural Rudraksha. All our Rudraksha beads are certified by experts at a Government approved lab. We also issue a lab certificate upon request by the customer. Be rest assured, we check the authenticity of each and every Rudraksha personally to make sure there is no error.