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6 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 6 Mukhi Rudraksha is dedicated to Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva. Wearing this Rudraksha increases power. By the grace of Lord Kartikeya, the person wearing Six Mukhi Rudraksha increases intellect and knowledge. You can also wear this Rudraksha to fulfill your dreams. This Rudraksha is related to six darshans. The person who wears this Rudraksha after proper siddhi (the method of purification and charging with mantra) will have darshan of six deities in his body. This Rudraksha gives knowledge of the soul to the wearer. The person who wears this Rudraksha becomes calm and like the moon. It controls anger, jealousy, excitement in the wearer's body. This Rudraksha enhances the nutritional elements of the body resulting in the creation of new cosmic forces (Goddess Shakti). This Rudraksha is the provider of results for hard workers and increases sperm count. It provides success in all assignments. Goddess Lakshmi resides in 6 Mukhi Rudraksha hence bestows wealth and prosperity. This Rudraksha opens up opportunities for wealth for the wearer and is always with him. It is the provider of every comfort and enhances the business.

6 Mukhi Rudraksha is offered to Kartikeya. It depends on the executive and managerial abilities, competence and success in all walks of life of the users apart from success in combat. It enriches the career path and helps you achieve professional and academic success. Students should wear it even during their studies. It depends on the executive and managerial abilities of the users, competence and success in all walks of life apart from fighting success. It is for all sciences, technical teachings, surgery and for the treatment of unconsciousness, unconsciousness and blood related diseases or ailments of private parts. Male natives wear it on the right hand and women on the left arm. It helps you to fulfill your dreams and lead a wonderful life. Therefore, the wearer of this Rudraksha gets health, wealth and happiness as well as all the looks, pleasures and comforts of life because the ruling planet of this Rudraksha is Venus.

Wearing this Rudraksha increases the power to concentrate and concentrate. Worshiping Six Mukhi Rudraksha brings balance in life. This eliminates the negative energy around. This Rudraksha can be worn to drive away laziness and lethargy. If there is a lack of love in your life then you must wear Six Mukhi Rudraksha.

Six Mukhi Rudraksha Will Power, Expression Power, Learning Power and the wearer becomes mentally strong and hence highly recommended especially for students. This Rudraksha helps to lead a happy married life and frees its wearer from all kinds of worldly possessions. 6 Mukhi Rudraksha also has the adverse effects of the planet Venus and hence is very helpful in diseases related to sexual nature and sexual organs. Six Mukhi Rudraksha helps to build emotional attributes like love, kindness and attraction. It blesses the wearer with victory and wisdom. 6 Mukhi is also good for students. It enhances the confidence of the wearer and makes him witty and intelligent. 6 Mukhi Rudraksha removes all kinds of worldly problems of the wearer.

It is considered beneficial to improve the health of the wearer. It is curative for diseases like sexuality, dropsy, urinary and eye diseases, contraceptive problem, dyspepsia, rheumatism and rheumatism. It is very effective in problems related to eyes, liver, stomach and sex. All those people who are associated with profession where learning is very important like teachers, students, artists, writers etc should wear this Rudraksha. Leaders and actors are greatly benefited by this Rudraksha as it enhances their speech as well as enhances their charm and attractiveness. They get the confidence to march towards excellence.

6 mukhi Rudraksha if shared/exchanged/ transferred /from one person to another person brings negativity. Wearing 6 mukhi rudraksha for few days and removing it for a few days and wearing it again not give maximum benefit. Don’t wear 6 mukhi rudraksha to funeral or baby birth ceremony. If you don’t keep 6 mukhi Rudraksha to your body then you won’t be able to experience full benefits of the bead. 6 mukhi Rudraksha and it is most desired because of its immense healing properties. The price of 6 Mukhi Rudraksha depends on the origin and size of the bead.

Before wearing Six Mukhi Rudraksh one should chant the mantra 'Om Hreem Hoon Namah' for 108 times (6 mukhi rudraksha mantra). This gives you double the benefit of 6 Mukhi Rudraksha. (6 mukhi rudraksha mantra). This gives you double the benefit of 6 Mukhi Rudraksha. This gives you double the benefit of 6 Mukhi Rudraksha. It is advised to draw the beads in silk/wool thread and capped in silver or gold or alternate wearing in yellow thread. Before wearing it mash it with unboiled cow milk and honey after that wash it with Gangajal.

Rudrashiva astrology deals with 100% authentic natural Rudraksha. All our Rudraksha beads are certified by experts at a Government approved lab. We also issue a lab certificate upon request by the customer. Be rest assured, we check the authenticity of each and every Rudraksha personally to make sure there is no error.