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Coral (Mars - मंगल)

  • Purpose
    Gain blessings from planet Mars.
  • Benefits
    Marriage, Children Career, Business, Aggressive & Intelligence, Boost self-confidense, Health, Wealth and Personality.
  • Rudrashiva Astrology Guarantee
    100% Authentic and real Gemstone.
  • Note
    Ring or Pendant will be made from golden color 'Panchdhatu'.
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Self-doubt and low self-esteem are connected to the many problems in life. Having a relationship problem or drowning in debt of money. The guilt of not having a better life or Health is being a serious concern. Coral gemstone is all you need. It simplifies life as never before. Adding happiness to life by discarding all your problems from life and giving Health, wealth, and happiness.


  • Supplier: Rudrashiva Astrology
  • Stone: Coral
  • Material: Gemstone
  • Size: Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Gender: Uni-sex
  • Net Quantity: Available in different quantities


Coral is a precious gemstone and has different colors like red, dark red, white, pink, and rarely a blue color. Coral is known as Moonga Ratan in Hindi and is related to Mars (Mangal) planet. It belongs to Muladhar Chakra or Root Chakra and benefits in connecting to people and knowing ourselves. The Coral gemstone helps tackle every problem in life to give confidence and boost self-esteem. Coral Gemstone is known for overcoming fears and obstacles in our way. This gemstone is a great recommendation to wear for people born in March, April, October, and November. It is highly considered to be suitable for people with the zodiac sign of Scorpio and Aries. Rudrashiva Astrology provides you 100% original and accredited products. Along with the Coral stone, we have a description leaflet of its benefits, process, and certification card proving authenticity.


Coral stone increases the power of Mars for people having a strong influence of Mangal in their life and removes unhealthy things, thereby giving them prosperity and good fortune with health and protection. It removes bad energy from your body and life to replace it with good and positive energy that gives you all the benefits. It is known for its power of increasing wealth and health in life. It brings a change in life by adding spirituality and peace.

1) Personal Growth & Status: Coral is beneficial for people who lack self-confidence and wealth. This gemstone removes the bad qualities and improves the self-confidence of people and helps growing connections. It gives them motivation and power to reach a respectful position in life. Coral stone stimulates the Muladhar Chakra and Root Chakra and unlocks the power of spirituality. It enhances the thinking power to bring out the best of passion towards work and motivates you. This gemstone gives prosperity, status, and wisdom to its wearer and makes them responsible and loving people.

2) Protection Against Black Magic: Coral stone is one of the finest stones to get protection from. It takes blessing from the Mars planet to remove all the bad things from the life of its wearer. This gemstone is a Miraculous Savior for people who suffer due to Karma and other disadvantages. It wards off the bad spells and protects life from misery and accidents. Coral is the gemstone that reverses the effect of black magic on its wearer and frees from depression and other issues coming in the way.

3) Relationships & Love: Coral Stone impacts the professional and personal lives of the wearer and makes them better. This gemstone also helps in marriages and relationships. It helps in getting your marriage back on track as Coral gemstone increases positivity and Memory. It is responsible for bringing warmth and love to a relationship. It also helps people to get affection in relations and marriages. This gemstone has qualities that can help you get the right person in life. It helps to build relationships in family and businesses to promote a healthy and working connection between its wearer and people.

4) Mental and Physical Health: Coral gemstone is suitable for people with health issues. It has numerous health benefits for its wearer as it strengthens your body internally and protects you from many threats and diseases. It improves the condition of the body and also protects the heart from many dangerous diseases. Coral stone protects the heart from heart attacks. It removes the illness and It has qualities that not just cure illness but also improves health from diseases like paralysis. It also has an impact on Mental health. It clears all the negative energies from life and helps fight depression and brings positive energies and joy to life.

5) Peace and Happiness: Coral stone is responsible for bringing happiness to the life of its wearer by removing all the problems like debt, health issues, and black magic. It gives life with gratitude and provides numerous benefits. Coral stone draws out negative energy from life and keeps its wearer a positive person. It gives a respectful position in life with success and happiness. The coral gemstone also helps its wearer have an experience of peaceful sleep and discard the bad dreams.


  • Of course. it is. Due to this pandemic, it’s the safest way to buy online so you don’t have to deal with horrible conditions outside. In case you are not satisfied with our product, you can return it or exchange it. We are known for our level of trust with our customers.

  • Rudrashiva Astrology trades genuine and high-quality products at the desired price. We have Guaranteed High quality, Hand selected best-quality beads. Our store has a variety of original gemstones in different shapes, sizes, weights, styles, and types. We provide you 100% original and accredited products. Along with the product we have a description leaflet of the product, benefits, process, and certification card proving authenticity.

  • We deal with 100% authentic natural Coral gemstones. All our Rudrakshas are certified by experts at a Government approved lab. We also issue a lab certificate upon request by the customer. Be rest assured, we check the authenticity of gemstones personally to make sure there is no error.

  • Coral gemstones promote Good Health, Wealth, Boosts Confidence, and Marital Relationships. It brings good fortune and happiness to life.

  • Coral (Moonga Ratan) gemstone is recommended for people with a Zodiac sign as Scorpio and Aries. Coral stones can be worn by people who lack confidence and have low self-esteem. It is highly recommended for people born in March, April, October, and November.

  • We are an ISO-certified Rudraksha organization. The customers get the certificate along with the product, in which they can look for the type, color, shape, and weight. We have doctors, scientists, and renowned people on our board to assist in gemstone research. We have been in service and supply of gemstones for the last many years. We recommend reading about our organization on our website for more information.

  • The price of a gemstone differs in weight, size, and shape.

  • Coral gemstone in Sanskrit is known as Praval. In Hindi, It is also known as Moonga Ratan.

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