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How to Make your Home Better with Vastu

For a house to turn into a home, it needs to transmit positive energy. As per various conventional convictions, each home accompanies its own energy type. An individual dwelling in a house goes under the impact of a particular energy field, which thus impacts him in without a doubt. In this way, it's extremely significant to comprehend the connection between the recuperating specialty of Vastu and our homes in sharpening energy and great energies. Remembering the 'prepared to move-in houses (where structural changes are impractical), Vastu master Ashna Ddhannak, organizer and proprietor of Enlightening Lifestyle, enrolls ways you can carry equilibrium to your home.


Considered as the "passage to triumph and advance throughout everyday life", the fundamental entryway should point toward the north, east, or the northeast way. It should be built in a manner to guarantee that when you venture out, you face the north, east or northeast bearing. The principal entryway to your home ought to be built with unrivaled quality wood. It should overshadow all the entrances in your home, and look the most engaging.

  • Try not to put a wellspring, or some other improving water-driven component, outside the fundamental entryway.
  • Try not to put a shoe rack or dustbin outside the fundamental entryway.
  • There shouldn't be a restroom close to the principle entryway.
  • Guarantee the fundamental passageway is sufficiently bright.
  • Try not to paint the primary entryway dark.
  • Adorn your entryway with wonderful nameplates and propitious archways.
  • Try not to put creature sculptures or puppets close to the primary entryway.
  • Ensure your primary entryway opens in a clockwise way.

Meditation Room

Here is the manner by which you can approach assigning a meditation room:

  • The east or northeast piece of your house is ideal for contemplation, yoga, and other profound pursuits.
  • Pointing toward the east when you ruminate will expand energy
  • Make a hallowed special raised area and embellish it with candles or incense sticks
  • White, beige, light yellow, or green are extraordinary shading alternatives for the room

Living Room

In a home, the living room is the place where the greater part of the action is focused. It makes a good (or horrible) initial feeling when visitors enter for get-togethers. Along these lines, guarantee the lounge is without messiness.

  • The Living room should point toward the east, north, or north-east. On the other hand, a north-west-bound parlor is additionally good.
  • Hefty furniture ought to be kept in the west or south-west bearing of the parlor.
  • All gadgets and machines ought to be introduced in the south-east segment of the family room
  • On the off chance that there is a mirror in the room, guarantee it is set on the north divider


The smallest things can turn your fortunes around. Vastu Shastra shows you how changing your bedroom and its orientation can bring positive energy and even improve relations between couples. Here are 5 hints to change the energy proportions in your room to help emphatically impact your rest:

  • Preferably, the room a south-west way brings great wellbeing and flourishing. Stay away from a room in the northeast or southeast zone of the house as the previous may cause medical problems, while a room set the last way may cause fights among couples. The bed ought to be set in the southwest corner of the room, with your head pointing toward the west.
  • Try not to put a mirror or TV before the bed. Your appearance should not be found in a mirror when in bed as it causes battles and other homegrown interruptions.
  • Paint your room dividers in unbiased or hearty shades as it emanates positive energy. Try not to paint your dividers dark.
  • Abstain from having a sanctuary, canvases portraying water, or a wellspring in the room as it could cause enthusiastic upheavals.
  • Use mind-set lighting and consume sweet-smelling oils to make a desert garden of quiet.