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Rudrabhishek Puja

Lord Shivji pleased with Rudrabhishek

Lord Shiva is pleased very soon by worshiping his devotees, but if you want to fulfill some of your special wishes, then Rudrabhishekam of Shiva can be the most auspicious remedy.

According to our scriptures, the sins committed by us are due to our sorrows. From Rudrabhishek, Patak karma and Mahapataka are also burnt by our horoscope and Shiva is born in the seeker and the devotee receives the auspicious blessings of Lord Shiva and all his wishes are fulfilled. It is said that the worship of the only Sadashiva Rudra automatically leads to the worship of all the deities.

By the grace of Shiva, all the planets and all the problems are destroyed. - Offering special things with mantras on Shivling is called Rudrabhishek. - In Rudrabhishek, Shukla recites the mantras of Yajurveda's Rudrashtadhyayi.


  • It brings wealth and harmony
  • Success in education, job and career
  • Removes negative energy
  • Protects from evil effects
  • Elimination of health connected problems
  • Blessing a person with a healthy mind and a positive spirit

Rudrabhishek Puja

Price: ₹ 1599/-

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General Notes

  • The Acharya will perform a Puja with Vedic rituals.
  • The Resolution will be made by the host.
  • The resolution includes the desired mental work of the host.
  • Worship timing will take 1.45 to 2.00 hours.
  • The host will be shown this pooja online,
    The host can also take advantage of the darshan of pooja sitting at home or in the office.
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